in Franciacorta


The Family
and the Company

Our Family Idea:
We share everything, the project, the wine, the emotion for a Franciacorta tasted around a table of friends for the pleasure of savoring the result of our passion.
A family of farmers, linked to the land that daily gives work, effort and joy.


The squaring of the circle: our "square" bottle.
Thanks to the particular shape of the bottle, studied and patented by Matteo, Franciacortas aged on yeasts can benefit from a wine-yeast contact surface two and a half times greater than that of a round bottle.
The side of the bottle is flat on the inside and the yeast deposit surface is larger. The result of this contact is a greater release of manno proteins and yeast lysate, which qualitatively enrich the wine, in aromatic components.


Where it comes to life
our Franciacorta

On the hills of Franciacorta, the cultivation of vines has remote origins, as evidenced by the discovery of grape seeds from prehistoric times and the writings of classical authors such as Pliny, Columella and Virgil.

The rich archaeological material from prehistoric times found, such as the remains of pile-dwellings found in the area of the Sebino peat bogs, tells of how primitive populations settled here, which were gradually replaced by the Cenomani Gauls, the Romans and the Lombards.

The cultivation of the vine was a constant in Franciacorta, where, from the Roman period to the late antique period up to the middle ages, vineyards grew also thanks to the favourable climatic and pedological conditions. With ups and downs, viticulture in these lands never stopped.

Sweet lands and vineyards,
North hills
of the Sebino,
the lake and the Alps. Adro, Franciacorta

Location and hospitality

A welcoming and romantic location Ferghettina opens its doors to tastings and exclusive convivial events, a refined location in the heart of Franciacorta.
Form, material and tradition give life to an architecture on a human scale that is masterfully integrated with the territory.


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