Vigne e Territorio

From the vineyard to the cellar,
in the pursuit of excellence

The land and its fruits

Grapes are the unique ingredient of our work, an expression of the indissoluble connection with the territory. We invest the 80% of our human and economic resources in our lands, in order to grow bunches of grapes in the best possible way. These fruits are the only ingredient of our wines.

We work in order to preserve our territorial integrity: we do it for ourselves, for our children and for future generations. We are farmers who believe in the importance of respecting our territory: that’s why we decided to comply with organic standards. And that’s why our effort to add value to our work and guarantee a future for our lands has been certified since 2017.

After a systematic monitoring, we choose 100 out of the total 200 hectares that form the “vineyards park” of the winery. At harvesting time, every plot is vinified leaving room to the uniqueness that derives from grape varieties and their interaction with soil.

Combining these factors we obtain among 90 different wines, characterized by 90 personalities that we must understand, know and enhance. We show intense dedication to our chardonnay and pinot noir, the main characters of our lands, that we pick with a meticulous manual harvest. The list of wine sensory properties is long, and our task is to interpret it.

From bunches to wine

In Ferghettina we take great care of every step of the procedure. Our group exhibits a perfect teamwork. Time is an essential part of every human activity and natural phenomenon, that’s why we pay attention to every hour or minute spent in the winemaking process. It’s wine time, a phase during which wine develops and changes, in accordance to its natural rhythms. During this period, the most lively part of wine – the yeasts – gets in touch with the wine itself, in an intimate and lasting meeting.

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Check out our wine production

Our wine originates on the gentle hills of Franciacorta. It’s on these sunny slopes, located in the foothills of Alps that overlook the Lake Sebino, that our grapes grow and ripen, subjected to constant monitoring and care.

Our hands are the main tools through which we work the soil and grow the vines, gradually turning bunches into wines. Then, our palate shows us the way to produce our Franciacorta, which is the ultimate expression of our style and thoughts: an accurate portrait of our territory.

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Autostrada A4 Milano - Venezia exit Rovato.
At the roundabout outside the tollbooth turn left towards Erbusco.
At the next roundabout go straight on towards Erbusco, then follow the provincial road for about 4 km.
As soon as you pass the village of Erbusco you will find on your right a large shop that sells swimming pools, take the first road on the right after the shop and from there on follow the arrows signs for about 1 km until you reach Ferghettina. TO REACH US VIEW ITINERARY

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from Monday to Saturday at 10am e at 3pm
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