in Ferghettina

work and passion.

Our family shares everything: the project, the wine and the emotion which spreads from tasting a Franciacorta together, savouring the result of our passion.

We are a family of farmers and wine growers, deeply attached to a land which gives us labour and joy every day.


Squaring the circle

In Ferghettina we have squared the circle. It’s our “squared” bottle. Thanks to the specific shape of the bottle designed and patented by Roberto’s son, Matteo, refining Franciacorta wines can benefit from a contact surface between the wine and yeast that is almost twice and a half as large as the typical surface of a round bottle. Actually, the internal side of the bottle is flat, therefore the wine sediment deposits on a wider area. The result of this contact is a greater realising of mannoproteins and yeast lysate, which qualitatively enhances wines aromatic components.


A long-standing tradition

On the hills of Franciacorta, evidence of prehistoric grape seeds and writings by classical authors as Pliny, Columella and Virgil, leads back to the ancient origins of vine-growing. The discovery of many archaeological proofs dating back to prehistoric times, like remains of stilt house foundations in the Sebino area, shows how the first primitive communities settled there, before gradually being replaced by the Cenomani, the Romans and the Lombards.

Vine-growing has been a long-standing tradition in the area of Franciacorta, where vineyards were growth from Roman times up to the Middle Ages, thanks to the favourable climate and soil condition. Despite going through ups and downs, viticulture never stopped in these lands.

Sweet lands and vineyards,
North hills
of the Sebino,
the lake and the Alps. Adro, Franciacorta

A welcoming and romantic location.

Design, substance and tradition give life to a people-oriented architecture, perfectly integrated with the landscape.

A stunning location characterised by elegance and attention to the smallest details, right in the heart of Franciacorta: our doors are opened to visits, tastings and events, such as ceremonies or wedding receptions. The minimum number of guests is 90 people.


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