The earth and its fruits

Neyards 200 hectares cultivated under organic farming Parcelle: 100 distributed in 11 municipalities Grape varieties 70% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir, 7 types - franciacorta produced, 450,000 bottles - annual production bottles.
Grapes: it is the expression of the link with our culture of wine and life. The only ingredient of our work. Expression of a unique link with its terrirotio From the 200 hectares of vines located in 11 municipalities, we select about 100 that originate 80 different wines, the result of 80 vineyards. Each one is characterized by a unique personality. Time: it is the time of the wine, the respect due to its natural evolutions. Time is for us an intimate and lasting contact between the most vital part, the yeasts and the wine itself.

From fruit to wine

We receive our grapes in the new headquarters, finished in 2018 and built on a gentle hill from the enchanting panoramic position is structured on three levels for a total area of 12,000 square meters. The main premises are reception of grapes and pressing, fermentation of musts and storage of wines in processing, taking of foam and aging on lies of Franciacorta, barriques, bottling, disgorging and storage of the finished wine.

A large space has also been reserved for the reception of visitors with a large and fascinating tasting room. Today Roberto is supported by his sons Laura and Matteo, who have a degree in oenology, by his wife Andreina and by 40 collaborators.

Every step that leads to the production of franciacorta is followed with care and dedication within our company, teamwork and family work.

A large space has also been reserved for the reception of visitors with a large and fascinating tasting room.

Our hands,
our "palate"

It is from the sweet lands of Franciacorta that our wine is born.
It is on these sunny hills, at the foot of the Alps and overlooking Lake Sebino, that our vineyards ripen, expertly cared for by the experience of man.

Our wines


Autostrada A4 Milano - Venezia exit Rovato. At the roundabout outside the tollbooth turn left towards Erbusco. At the next roundabout go straight on towards Erbusco, then follow the provincial road for about 4 km. As soon as you pass the village of Erbusco you will find on your right a large shop that sells swimming pools, take the first road on the right after the shop and from there on follow the arrows signs for about 1 km until you reach Ferghettina. Address for the NAVIGATOR: via Nigoline ADRO

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